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die architektur
Kunstuniversität Linz
Hauptplatz 8, 4020 Linz, Austria
T: 0043 732 7898 242
F: 0043 732 7898 209

Head of studio: Visiting Professor Mag.arch. Anna Heringer
Assistance and contact: Univ.Ass. Mag.arch. Clemens Quirin


We are continuing to design and to build
and are grateful for your continued interest,
every piece of information or reference you can provide us with,
as well as every form of support – especially financial:

Bank data
RAIKA, bank code: 34000, account number: 05.004.155
IBAN: AT463400000005004155, BIC: RZ00AT2L

Main Sponsor
Ziegelwerk EDER Peuerbach

Land Oberösterreich (Upper Austria)
Austrian Development Agency
Stadt Linz (City of Linz)
Oberbank AG
Erden GmbH
CLAYTEC - loam building materials

Lehm, Ton, Erde - Martin Rauch I earthbuilding
DesignAid - Oskar Pankratz I energy and solar systems