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In areas affected by war or in the aftermath of natural catastrophes shelter that can be quickly and easily transported and erected is often urgently needed. Generally this kind of temporary accommodation offers inadequate protection against the external climate. Martin Zeiko's diploma project is intended to meet the need for climatically optimised but economical buildings suitable for this kind of situation but also for leisure complexes or inexpensive housing. The modular system that he developed in conjunction with an industrial company uses woodbased materials and facilitates the speedy erection of structures that can range in size from small single-family houses to larger structures such as administration or storage buildings. If produced locally the system could conceivably be used to provide large areas of housing as a replacement for run-down accommodation in slum areas in megacities. This research project is an offer made to organisations that operate internationally in the field of catastrophe relief.

Planning phase: 2003 | Concept and Design: diploma thesis by Martin Zeiko | Diploma supervisor: Roland Gnaiger | Consultant and expert: Michael Stache | Partner: Caritas Austria, Österr. Rotes Kreuz, Holzbau WIEHAG GmbH