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Hands-on workshop on MODERN EARTHEN STRUCTURES AND ARCHITECTURE, Dhaka / Bangladesh

In February 2009 the BASEhabitat project studio organized and conducted a hands-on workshop on modern earthen structures and architecture in Dhaka/Bangladesh, in cooperation with the Institute of Architects Bangladesh (IAB) and the Housing and Building Research Institute Bangladesh (HBRI). Under the supervision of Anna Heringer and Martin Rauch 75 participants (among them leading architects of Bangladesh, employees of the government, development workers, potential clients, students and university teachers) built an entrance and information-pavilion for the Eco Housing Project of the HBRI. In spite of political unrest, a great motivation and the will to achieve the common purpose let evolve a rammed earth building within 9 days. With this workshop the efforts of BASEhabitat gains a new level. The amazing interest and ambition of the Bangladeshi architects shows how fruitful the joined efforts of developing modern earthen structures can be. Rather than a `duty to sustainability` the workshop was a real pleasure and designing with earth revealed an authentic and fresh style of architecture.